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Safe hands for you and your contractors


First choice for compliance


We’re confident that our three options represent the safest and most compliant way to pay your contractors today. Your contractors can work in the way that’s best for them, while we handle their administration, maximise the amount they take home, and keep them compliant with legislation.


  • We developed our procedures in partnership with our advisors and HMRC
  • HMRC granted us an ‘expenses dispensation’ in March 2009
  • We invest in working with legal (Penningtons) and tax (KPMG) advisors, so we’re always up to date with legislation
  • With over 10 years’ experience, we work with hundreds of agencies and pay thousands of individuals every week.


Three safe services

  • Gabem Umbrella—for temporary or contract workers who are not self-employed, or who want the easiest, most hassle-free payment service available. They become employees of Gabem Management with full employee rights, including tax relief on work-related expenses
  • Gabem CIS for those self-employed in the construction industry, and Gabem Solo for all other self-employed workers. Both offer legitimately self-employed contractors the benefits of lower tax, and are safe solutions in this complex area.

Why Gabem is your most supportive partner

  • Always pays your contractors on time
  • Keeps your contractors informed
  • Makes sure you get no surprises
  • Takes exceptions like late timesheet processing in our stride
  • Lightens your workload so you can focus on your business
  • Is flexible enough to adapt to your particular working requirements.

We have excellent relations with clients, and we’re responsive and efficient, whether you phone, email or fax—our Client Relations Team is on hand to help. Call 01798 861100 or email

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