Awards Event

NORA Academy Award Contenders

ANNOUNCEMENT With only one week to go, preparations for the 14th annual National Online Recruitment Awards are well underway.  If you’ve been watching closely, you’ll know that as well as our traditional thirteen award categories, recognising employers, recruitment firms, job boards a
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UK Recruiter Recruitment Conference

We know that many attendees to the NORAs will be coming from far away, and we want to make sure that your journey is as fruitful as possible.  Why not make a day of it in that case, to more than justify the time away from your office? During the day of the NORAs you can also attend on
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Bloomin’ NORA – by Nicky Luke of GradCornwall

Well, how can you sum that all up then? A shortlist for ‘Best Newcomer’, thanks to all of your nominations, and now, as I write, we are on the train bringing the award back to beautiful Cornwall! A small group of the UCP crew who have been working hard to bring you GradCornwall made t
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The NORA Winners – event review

I really cannot remember the buzz of excitement and anticipation being so great as it was at The National Online Recruitment Awards 2012 event this week.  Not only was the guest list a veritable Who’s Who of the online recruitment industry, but the very vocal support given by our Fina
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The awards ceremony for the 11th annual National Online Recruitment Awards, on Wednesday 2nd November, will take place at the exclusive West End venue, Sway London, in Covent Garden, near Holborn. This spectacularly refurbished, venue has hosted the NORAs for the past 2 years, and is
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Who exactly runs the NORAs?

You would be amazed at how many people are involved in the National Online Recruitment Awards.  As the most commonly identified person, I am always at pains to point out that there is an army of people who all make their own essential contribution to the NORAs. To begin with, the jobs
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