About The NORAs


The National Online Recruitment Awards have been created to acknowledge and reward excellence in online recruitment practice. Established in 2001, we are now in the 23rd year of the annual NORAs. The list of past finalists and winners accurately illustrates the evolution of the UK online recruitment sector, which is now recognised as the most advanced and competitive in the world. It is this competition to satisfy increasingly “Internet savvy” candidates which has fuelled one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Through the NORAs, we seek to recognise this, on behalf of the candidates themselves.

The NORAs are established as a standard by which recruitment websites are measured, and are a focused opportunity for recognition within the UK Recruitment Industry. The awards cover the wide range of online players in the sector, including Job Boards, Recruitment Agencies, Employers, Career Advice websites, Trade and National Publications. In addition we have an award for Best Newcomer and Innovation in this continually developing sector, as well as our prize voted for by the NORA Academy. Our Final Award is actually voted for by our previous finalists and winners over the past 22 years, and is the NORA Academy Award. In response to demand, we also now have an award for Best Recruitment Technology, which recognises those discreet solutions which greatly improve the candidate experience, even though jobseekers may be unaware of them.

The National Online Recruitment Awards are hosted by the National Online Recruitment Academy, whose membership is comprised of all organisations which have been Finalists and Winners in The NORAs since 2001. All current and former judges are also recognised as individual members.

Our Finalists and Winners are entitled to display these logos on their site and literature.

 The National Online Recruitment Awards were devised to recognise the very best in UK online recruitment, from the perspective of jobseekers themselves. Now one of the most mature online industry sectors, recruitment websites have been at the forefront of developing ever more sophisticated ways of bringing together candidates, vacancies and employers. The NORAs are primarily concerned with the value, service and protection afforded to the general public, in catering for their needs in an ethical, professional, secure and effective manner.

The 2023 award categories are: .
1.   Best Generalist Job Board
2.   Best Specialist Job Board *  
3.   Best Regional Job Board
4.   Best National Recruitment Agency
5.   Best Large Recruitment Agency
6.   Best Small Recruitment Agency *
7.   Best Major Employer
8.   Best Employer (under 500 employees)
9.   Best Online Publication
10. Best Employment Advice Website
11. Best Newcomer in Online Recruitment
12. Best Innovation in Online Recruitment
13. Best Recruitment Technology  
14. The NORA Academy Award


Nominations will produce a shortlist of 5 finalists for each of these categories. *8 Finalists for categories No2 and No5 due to the number of specialist sectors. All nominations will come from the public, including the NORA Academy Award which will then be judged by the NORA Academy members.
Companies may also register themselves for consideration by our judges, and encourage their jobseekers to nominate them too.

Nominations will be open from the 7th August to the 18th September 2023.  The Winners will then be revealed at our in-person awards ceremony on 6th December 2023.