National Online Recruitment Awards 2012

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Hello, and welcome to the dedicated website for the National Online Recruitment Awards. This year is the twelfth anniversary of the awards, and could well be the most hotly contested ever. We are grateful to everyone who takes the time to nominate their favourite websites. Last year, we had almost 28,000 nominations for 492 separate recruitment websites.

We are indebted to the sponsors of the NORAs, and our media partners.  In our 12 year history, we have never lost sight of our original goal, which is to identify and acclaim the recruitment websites that work best for candidates themselves.  For this purpose, we disregard whether websites are great businesses, generate terrific revenue, or even offer great value to advertisers.  What we strive to show in our awards, are those sites that, through either innovation, inspiration, or sheer hard work and attention to detail, actually offer something tangibly valuable to job seekers.  It is not easy to be in tune with those looking for work, and it is certainly very difficult to build a recruitment website without genuine insight into the minds of your targeted market.  What we do know, is that when a website gets the balance just right, and strikes a chord with potential candidates, the vacancies and clients soon follow.

If the National Online Recruitment Awards can shine a light on the very best examples of excellence in our industry, we hope that other websites will see what is possible, and be inspired to make the same progress.  Ultimately, this can only be in the interests of those looking to progress their careers, as simply and efficiently as possible.

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