Winners Logos 2013

Each year we produce a set of graphics, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including press & PR, nominations, winners and finalists.

Winners of awards can download a high resolution copy of their award logo here.  These graphics are in pdf format. Please select and download the relevant file.

1BestGeneralistNORA2013fBest Generalist Job Board   [wpdm_file id=3]

2BestNicheNORA2013fBest Specialist Job Board  [wpdm_file id=4]

3BestRegionalNORA2013fBest Regional Job Board [wpdm_file id=5]

4BestNationalNORA2013f Best National Recruitment Agency [wpdm_file id=6]

5BestLargeNORA2013f  Best National Recruitment Agency [wpdm_file id=1]

6SmallRecruitmentAgencyNORA2013f Best Small Recruitment Agency [wpdm_file id=7]

7BestMajorEmployerNORA2013fBest Major Employer [wpdm_file id=9]

8BestSmallEmployerNORA2013fBest Small Employer [wpdm_file id=8]

9BestConsumerPublicationNORA2013fBest Consumer Publication [wpdm_file id=10]

10BestTradePublicationNORA2013fBest Trade Publication [wpdm_file id=11]

11Best-EmploymentAdviceNORA2013fBest Employment Advice Website    [wpdm_file id=2]

12BestNewcomerNORA2013fBest Newcomer in Online Recruitment [wpdm_file id=12]

13BestInnovationNORA2013fBest Innovation in Online Recruitment [wpdm_file id=13]

NORA2013Winner200NORA Winner logo [wpdm_file id=15]

Please email us if you require any further high resolution files of the Finalist and Winners logos.

Award sponsors may use the graphic below.


Please contact us directly, should your require different sized images.