Bloomin’ NORA – by Nicky Luke of GradCornwall

Well, how can you sum that all up then? A shortlist for ‘Best Newcomer’, thanks to all of your nominations, and now, as I write, we are on the train bringing the award back to beautiful Cornwall!

A small group of the UCP crew who have been working hard to bring you GradCornwall made their way up to London yesterday, to the Sway Club in Covent Garden for the awards ceremony.  We met up with our developers, Nudge Digital there.  It wasn’t the usual seated affair but the club was packed with on-line recruitment gurus and experts. So imagine our surprise and delight to have won!

The National Online Recruitment Awards have been going since 2001 and bring national recognition to this booming industry sector. We sidled up to the likes of representatives from ‘Linked In’ last night and the site was sponsored by ‘Broadbean’, so we walked and talked with the pro’s!

When I announced boldly (and after several glasses mind) that next year, I would like to go for ‘Best Innovation’ someone whispered, ‘You do know that Linked In won that this year don’t you?’ As if to insinuate that you need their massive budgets and national recognition to be innovative. That would certainly help, but isn’t that what Cornwall does? Isn’t that what Cornwall is best at? We have immense creativity, a wealth of new ideas and innovations and I would like to think we could take a punt at that next year… you have to have a bit of ambition don’t you? What do you think?  Have a read here about why we were shortlisted.

In the meantime, and regardless of what the future holds, we are immensely proud of this achievement. It feels like the icing on the cake, so thank you so much for the nominations – we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you also to the NORA team who put on a fantastic event last night.

Special thanks need to go to the following people/angels: Emily Trotter, Ben Organ, Joel Derbyshire and Luke Aikman from Nudge Digital who tirelessly developed the site for us, going above and beyond because they shared our vision and passion. Also to Martin Edmonson from Graduates Yorkshire which was the website that originally inspired us and our regional partners, GradSouthwest. There are many other people who have worked to help us bring our creation to life thanks to our filmmakers, Sideways, our designers, Liminal Design and Craig May from Merlin Cinemas. Blimey – I’m going on like we’ve got an Oscar, but it does feel like it and we are very very proud! 🙂