The Easiest Way To Stop Great People Applying To Your Jobs

This guest post gives an insight to our judging process. Katrina Collier is one of our expert shortlisting judges this year. These judges assess the hundreds of nominated recruitment websites, from a candidate’s perspective, and decide which will be shortlisted as Finalists for the NORAs. Initially, each judge is assigned a specific award category, so that they can compare the sites of similar organisations. Katrina focused on our Best Large Recruitment Agency Award category.

Do the people you want to recruit even own a personal computer?

Not a work one, one of their very own. One they’d use for personal things like… applying for a new job. (You want ethical people right?)

I am honoured to be judging the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) but I was harsh in my shortlisting. It’s nearly 2017 and 66% of job seekers want to apply for a job on a mobile phone, so I was tough on those nominees who don’t cater for that.

Before we go into to why that impacts your recruitment, have a listen to my thought pattern:


But why does it matter?

True, you may think, “too bad they can find a way to apply” but this is a candidate driven market. And you don’t want to hire just anyone, do you?

You want to hire the right people with ease, surely?

Test 1:

Before I speak to any new client, I pull out my iPhone and I start the job application. I may be a social recruiting expert but most social media interaction happens on a cell, plus how often do you read your emails on your phone? So it’s important to look at your mobile job application process.

If you’ve heard me speak at a conference, you know what’s coming… please pull out your mobile device, find a job, and apply. The whole way through, go through every single unnecessary obstacle.

If it takes too long (as in more than say 5 minutes) or if it’s not possible, please take your phone to your CEO and get them to do it.

Truly, I mean it. It’s costing you great people… would you go through that much effort to buy online?

Be honest, how easy was it to apply to the jobs on your website on your device?

Test 2:

Go out into your business and ask your colleagues if they own a personal laptop. Ask them when they last used it. Ask them how often they use it.

If your employees all have personal computers and they use them frequently, you can probably ignore this post.

But… if most of your employees prefer the freedom that comes from a mobile device (cell, tablet etc.) please sort your mobile job application process, now!


How do you like to apply for a new job, PC or device?