How NORA 1-Click Nominate Works

Nora1clicknom250x97The NORAs are all about candidate engagement.

The National Online Recruitment Awards is not a typical industry event, where businesses judge each other, and indulge in a mutual back-slapping exercise. We ask the ordinary jobseeking public to nominate their favourite recruitment websites and services. We shortlist those nominations by assessing every site solely from the perspective of candidates, and we select our winners based purely on what level of service they deliver to members of the public trying to find and apply for their next career move.  This includes jobs at all levels, in all sectors, and throughout the whole of the UK.

In order to enable as many jobseekers as possible to nominate, we have built our 1-Click-Nominate system. It really is very simple, and allows any career site to display a banner or graphic, which gives their candidates the opportunity to not only nominate your website for a NORA, but also to give their reasons for doing so. This can all be done without asking your candidates to exit your site.

Here is an example 1-Click-Nominate banner. Click it to see how it works.


You can register your site for 1-Click-Nominate HERE.   [button color=”#5a4d37″ background=”#f8a008″ size=”medium” src=”https://norauk.com/awards/1-click-nomination-registration/”]REGISTER[/button]