Every industry has its awards, in one form or another, where those who excel are recognised by their peers. The resulting good publicity can result in greater prestige in their industry, kudos for the management, and esteem for staff members, which can help with employee retention and attraction. It also helps to engender healthy rivalry and competition between companies, which in itself can propel a firm on to greater success.

These aspects are all true of the NORA’s too. However, The NORA’s differ in one crucial regard; The National Online Recruitment Awards are nominated by jobseekers themselves.
Those members of the public who use recruitment websites on a daily basis, and whose opinions are most important of all, are asked which websites they prefer to all others, in each of our 12 award categories. From that point on, all selection and judging processes are done from the perspective of the candidate.

What this means is that the audience themselves are acclaiming the best websites, and not simply industry cronies. This is crucial in terms of credibility of the awards, and the achievement of satisfying their principal customer. Recruitment websites are of course commercial concerns, but primarily have to address and impress the general public. Again, because recruitment websites are open to such public scrutiny, it is vital to identify and recognise those that truly advance the medium, as a clear example of the high standards all websites can aspire to; whether they be for job boards, recruitment agencies, publications, or employers themselves. By throwing a spotlight on the very best, it is our aim to encourage greater improvement amongst the rest.

The Internet has always been a very social medium, from the very earliest days of chatrooms, to forums, and of course now to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin etc Recruitment has been a key part in this, as candidates engage in a very personal way with websites, regarding a crucial part of their personal lives – their career. The growth of online recruitment as the preferred route for the majority of employers and jobseekers, has played a big part in the social and personal aspect of the Internet. It is only logical then, that the future of online recruitment is tied to the developments in social media platforms. More than ever, this means that the opinions of candidates on, and subsequent footfall to, employment websites needs to be taken very seriously indeed.

For the past nine years, the National Online Recruitment Awards has taken seriously the views of the individual jobseeker. Finalists and Winners of the NORAs should feel very proud.

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