Swanky new venue for the NORAs 21

The awards ceremony for the 21st annual National Online Recruitment Awards will take place in-person in our newly confirmed venue , The Carisbrooke Hall, near Marble Arch, London.

Our new (and somewhat classier) venue for this year’s NORAs event has undergone a recent £1.7m upgrade ensuring that it is the perfect location for the NORAs.

Carisbrooke Hall, near Marble Arch, has a fantastic history, and could not be more ideal for our event, featuring an enormous screen, curved stage, and dramatic balcony. We will set the room with cabaret style tables for our VIP tickets, with regular ticketed attendees behind that.

Given the current process of recovery from the pandemic, this helps to ensure greater spacing, and a more comfortable environment. It will also mean you will be able to actually hear the awards being announced for a change!

As you might expect from the NORAs, the format will be remain informal, and the order of the day will be celebration and networking.

The NORAs event is a celebration of excellence in the UK online recruitment sector, and also involves fantastic networking opportunities.  Everyone within the UK recruiting community is very welcome, as is anyone who has nominated their favourite websites for the NORAs.  Our awards website is https://NORAuk.com

Format: Dress for a great time.  There is no formal dress code, as we expect guests from recruitment agencies, employers, job boards, and publications.  Networking and celebration are the theme for the event.

For the confidence of all attendees, we ask that everyone who comes to the NORAs event be fully vaccinated beforehand.


Doors open at 7:00PM

Awards Ceremony commences at 8:30PM

Awards Ceremony ends at 9:40PM

Venue open till 12:00 midnight

For any further information, please contact Stephen O’Donnell on on 0141 637 9000, or email stephen@NORAuk.com


A short walk from Marble Arch tube station, The nearest mainline station is Paddington.

Google Maps

The Carisbrooke Hall

59 Seymour St, Tyburnia, London W1H 5BT

Telephone: 0207 616 8305

Website:  https://www.vscevents.co.uk/location/location



Nominations opened on Tuesday 3rd August at 9:00AM and closed on Monday 6th September at 5:00PM.

All registered and nominated sites will be considered carefully by our Shortlisting Judging Panel, to arrive at the list of this year’s Finalists.

The Finalists for the National Online Recruitment Awards 2021 will be announced here on Tuesday 5th October.

Our Winners will be revealed at our in-person online awards event, held on Wednesday 10th November.

Stephen O’Donnell
Chair of the NORAs