Nominations Closed

That’s it; nominations are now closed for the 2013 National Online Recruitment Awards. If you’re not already in it, there’s no way you can win it.

However, if your beautiful website or fabulous online recruitment service has been nominated by the public, a whole sequence of events are now springing into action.

Firstly the team at The NORAs, here in Glasgow, will be collating assembling, sorting and de-duping all nominations.  Each year we receive tens of thousands on nominations, many of which have mistakenly been assigned to the wrong award category.  This is entirely understandable, as candidates need not know the difference between a Generalist and a Niche job board, for example. Next we hand over all nominations to our Shortlist Judging Panel, who are all experts in either traditional recruitment, online recruitment or HR.  Their task is to visit every site, in each award category, and assess them from the perspective of a jobseeker.  This is a long and arduous, but very necessary, process.

We will announce our Finalists for this years NORAs here on 2nd October.