NORA Webcast Series: JobAdder CEO, Martin Herbst

In this show, Stephen O’Donnell (Chair of the NORAs) was joined by Martin Herbst, CEO of JobAdder.

Odro is revolutionising the preferred methods of communicating with clients and candidates with it’s innovative video platform. We’ll be discussing the rising expectations of front line recruiters and candidates for easy to use, transparent communication, and how that drives productivity and diversity for all parties.

Over the next few months, in the run up to this year’s NORAs, we will be hosting regular weekly webcasts with key people and organisations involved with the NORAs. This will include former Finalists and Winners (Academy Members), NORA judges, sponsors, and even jobseekers who make nominations.


Our Winners will be revealed at our in-person online awards event, held on Wednesday 23rd November.

Stephen O’Donnell
Chair of the NORAs