NORA Winners Series: Guardian Jobs

The National Online Recruitment Awards are now in their 21st year. In this series of webcasts, we will be profiling the NORA award winners of 2021.

In this show, Stephen O’Donnell will be joined by Jess Brooker, from The Guardian, multiple winners of our Best Consumer Publication NORA.

We’ll be discussing the role of news publications in connecting jobseekers with career opportunities, and what makes the Guardian so consistently award-worthy.

Over the next few months, in the run up to this year’s NORAs, we will be hosting regular weekly webcasts with key people and organisations involved with the NORAs. This will include former Finalists and Winners (Academy Members), NORA judges, sponsors, and even jobseekers who make nominations.


The Finalists for the National Online Recruitment Awards 2021 were announced on Tuesday 5th October.

Our Winners were revealed at our in-person online awards event, held on Wednesday 10th November.

Stephen O’Donnell
Chair of the NORAs