NORA 2021 Nominees

For the benefit of full transparency, here are the recruitment websites currently being considered by our NORA judges. Some have been nominated in multiple categories. Around 100 nominated sites do not appear here, as they didn’t meet our basic criteria. As you can see, there are almost 500 organisations being considered for our 13 main awards. We ask our first set of shortlisting judges to visit every site assigned to them, and to assess them from the perspective of a jobseeker. Given their expertise and experience in HR, TA, agency recruitment, and online recruitment technology, we know that their judgement will be informed by what is recognised as good (and great) online recruitment practise in 2021.

As you can see, we have also shared the social media accounts of each contender too, as these form part of the fuller online impact and reach of these orgainsations. The element which is accelarating most right now is video content, so you’ll see their YouTube or Vimeo channels here too. Lastly, we have included the number of employees, as listed on LinkedIn. We recognise that this is not an empirical measure, but it helps to ensure we have each employer and recruitment agency in the correct award category.

When we announce our 2021 Finalists, this number will have been reduced to around 70 contenders for our 13 awards. The path to winning a NORA begins with the thousands of nominations from the public, and passes through our 2 sets of experienced judges. Our final (and separate) judging panel will then do the exact same thing, and score every finalist from the perspective of a candidate looking for their next job.


Nominations opened on Tuesday 3rd August at 9:00AM and closed on Monday 6th September at 5:00PM.

All registered and nominated sites will be considered carefully by our Shortlisting Judging Panel, to arrive at the list of this year’s Finalists.

The Finalists for the National Online Recruitment Awards 2021 will be announced here on Tuesday 5th October.

Our Winners will be revealed at our in-person online awards event, held on Wednesday 10th November.

Stephen O’Donnell
Chair of the NORAs