One-Click NORA Nominations

Every year, for the past ten years, I get swamped with enquiries from recruitment agencies, job boards and employers, asking how to enter a website into the National Online Recruitment Awards.  “Where do I register, how do I apply, how much does it cost?” etc.  Well, let me answer all those questions, and show you how we’ve made it even simpler.

The essential foundation of the NORAs is built upon nominations, and not votes.  We ask candidates to nominate the recruitment websites they like best, in each of our 12 award categories.  This means that webmasters don’t have to register or apply, as all nominations have been made directly through our awards website, www.NORAuk.com. Each year, in addition, we have produced graphics for websites to display, in order to encourage their own visitors to nominate their site, and give reasons why.  This has always proven to be very popular, but of course some sites don’t want to divert busy candidates from their job searching activities.

In response to this, we have now developed a unique “One-Click” nomination process. By registering on our site (https://www.norauk.com/nomination-material), you can then select a suitable “Nominate this site” graphic, and then copy the unique HTML code to insert on your website.  This then displays the chosen graphic where inserted, and enables a candidate to nominate the site with a single click.  Additionally, candidates are also given the opportunity to give direct, but anonymous, feedback, before continuing their pursuit of that ideal job.

In 2009 we received almost 25,000 nominations, for 657 separate recruitment websites.  The greater the engagement we can encourage from individual job seekers, the greater depth of feedback we have to work with in selecting the Finalists for the awards.  By considering in detail this candidate response, and assessing job sites from a candidate’s perspective, our panel of industry experts can arrive at a rich shortlist of sites that represents the very best internet recruitment services in the UK.

In less than 2 weeks, we have already had 50 websites register for “1-Click NORA Nomination”. More sites, more nominations, and greater candidate involvement will further reinforce the credibility of the National Online Recruitment Awards as it enters its second decade.

Nominations will remain open until Friday 10th September, and the Winners will be revealed at the NORA’s 10th Anniversary Event, on the 4th November.

Stephen O’Donnell, Chair of the NORAs