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This is only the 2nd year of our NORA award for Best Recruitment Technology!

This award category is specifically focussed on the recruitment technology that candidates don’t see, but still benefit from.

The mantra for the NORAs since 2001 has always been “If candidates can’t see it, then we can’t judge it”. Our judges are instructed to view all nominated recruitment websites from the perspective of a jobseeker, so will search for jobs, register and apply through the online process. In the main, these are the recruitment websites of job boards, employers, recruitment firms, and online publications. Additionally, if a job board offers advertisers fantastic value for money, we can’t take that into account, as that is of no interest to candidates.

Given the advances in technology over the past decade, we believe now is the time to recognise those technologies which play a direct role in improving the candidate experience. These technologies could include video communications tools used in advertising jobs, interviews, and onboarding, or assessment tools which give jobseekers great feedback on their skills, and of course ATS / CRM platforms which enable them to continually be alert to opportunities, and ongoing applications.

Our inaugural winner of this award in 2022 was Beamery.

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This award is sponsored by Netcore.