How to take the pain out of a candidate led recruitment market.



Guest post by Tim Parker, MD of our Main Sponsor, yu:talent

‘Candidate led’ is a well worn phrase across many recruitment sectors. Indeed, it can easily be argued that every recruitment sector is candidate led in the sense that finding the best candidate will always require a proactive rather than reactive approach.  However, in some sectors, applying search and selection methodologies will be the only route to placement.

Whether you are inundated with applications or inundated with vacancies, my experience is that you always have to take matters into your own hands to find the best talent, rather than passively waiting for the ideal candidate to stroll through your door.

However, this is often what creates the greatest friction in your recruitment workflow.

The time spent on Linkedin searching for and logging potential candidates by inputting them manually into a spreadsheet or CRM is very time consuming – and let’s face it, boring.  If you are an agency owner or Director, then you have the added concern that while your consultants are working in this way, the database knowledge they are creating on your time might not necessarily be logged in full and will leave with them should you ever part company.

If you use job boards to proactively search and find active candidates, they can be an excellent tool.  There is still a level of friction though with the time it takes to download or email each CV, then populate your database with the candidate details – even with an email parsing tool.

As small as they may seem on paper, these areas of friction are often underestimated and are the very reason why it may take a full morning to do a given search, rather than just an hour.

In order to tackle this problem, at yu:talent we have created the Chrome Clipper which is a simple add on to your chrome browser.  It can work with any social candidate source or job board and with one click you can instantly add a candidate straight into yu:talent complete with their CV or work history.  It will also tell you whether the contact already exists in yu:talent – you can even attach them directly into the ATS workflow of the vacancy you are working on.

Click here  to find out more about Chrome Clipper or set up a free trial.