What Is Working When It Comes to the Candidate Experience?

Job Seekers Deserve Feedback, Response, Something from Employers

Searching for a job is a full-time job, especially since for many companies the online application process using an ATS or applicant tracking system takes an upwards of 45 minutes to complete. Recruiters and HR professionals want to obtain as much information as possible so as not to make a bad hiring decision or spend wasted time interviewing and engaging an unqualified candidate. And so job seekers get the shaft, applying for positions sending their resume into what is affectionately called the resume black hole.

Job seekers like Rob McGahen (@rmcgahen) who has been actively job searching for six months are frustrated with the job search and the lack of follow up from companies. “I’ve experienced the resume black hole with no updates, information, let alone any news if your resume has been read by an actual human being,” says McGahen.

1/3 of Companies Don’t Communicate or Send a Turn Down Letter

As social media has grown in popularity, many companies are now becoming aware of job seekers and their frustration and dissatisfaction with the hiring and online application process. When it comes to the hiring process, companies are no longer communicating a job seeker’s status in the employment process whatsoever. Things like recruiter phone call, job seeker feedback, a turn down letter, or even an email autoresponse are welcomed forms of communication even if they are the bare bones. Because of social media’s open nature, this public frustration and lack of communication from companies by job seekers is something companies can no longer afford to ignore. A group of recruiters and human resource professionals are working to change the hiring and candidate process focusing on what they call “the candidate experience.”

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Writer, Blogging4Jobs.com