Wooden NORA Finalists

The Wooden NORA is a one-off special trophy for this year only. Whilst it is all too easy to produce a terrible recruitment website, especially when resources are tight, it is unforgivable when a website appears to go out of its way to make things difficult for jobseekers. By way of explanation, here are the reasons behind the Finalists for the Wooden NORA Award.

  1. Facebook Social Jobs: After enormous build up to what was described as the 2nd coming for online recruitment, Facebook Jobs turned out to be more of a damp squib. A half-hearted attempt at a job aggregator, making no use whatsoever of Facebook functionality. It should have been so much better.
  2. Universal JobMatch: There are a multitude of reasons to condemn this mish-mash of a recruitment website. Built by serious job board professionals, (and multiple NORA Winners) Monster, but poorly specified by civil servants at the government Department for Work and Pensions, this website commits almost every online recruitment crime, and then some. The domain isn’t even UniversalJobMatch.com !
  3. Yo! Sushi: This recruitment website commits the unforgiveable mistake of being really rather great in all regards – except it’s impossible to apply for any of the jobs. Instead, users are linked to an image file, which displays all the email addresses of every Yo! Sushi restaurant in the UK.
  4. LinkedIn Jobs: Again, we know that in many ways LinkedIn is at the very forefront of online recruitment technology. Why then do job adverts never expire? There are 18,000 jobs advertised in the UK, going right back to February 2013 (and December 2012 in the USA).
  5. CraigsList: Before you say this is clearly an amateur site, which needn’t be taken seriously, get this. CraigsList had revenues in 2012 of $126 million, with profits of up to $103 million, or 81.7 percent. The London jobs section is almost entirely comprised of exploitation jobs in the porn industry.

4 Responses

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  2. xoanon

    Universal Jobmatch is not fit for purpose, if its purpose is to help the unemployed to gain employment, it is however fit for purpose, if its primary goal is to help remove benefits from the poor, as it’s a clever sanctioning machine … Most jobs are agency work, repeated vacancies, multi-level marketing scams and pyramid schemes, only a fool would use UJM as a tool to find work, but with most claimants being wrongly advised that it’s mandatory to use it, it has many users, and those users are putting not only their finances at risk from identity thieves that predate on the site, but their safety too, as predatory sex offenders post bogus jobs to attract young unemployed victims. But if you read the Terms & Conditions, no one involved with the site including the government take any responsibility for personal data security or safety. … Possibly the worst site ever.